professional talent and music programming


What is AirVoyent?


AirVoyent combines the professional talent and music programming of networks with the reliability, freedom and independence of local music-on-hard-drive systems and we make it all happen seamlessly, effortlessly and transparently.


The "Un-Network"

Through a specialized local playback system and an Internet connection, our network talent provides programming that sounds more local and seamless than any other network on the planet.

The “network”, programmed and updated by our staff, actually originates from your station.  All music, network commercials, imaging and voice talent are played out of the AirVoyent Music System.  There is no dependency on satellite or Internet.

All the work of traditional networks is eliminated.  AirVoyent handles all of the music delivery, programming and updating.  AirVoyent creates, dubs and schedules all music and imaging.  Since we don’t have to program the “network” for the lowest common denominator, or to make one size fit every station, you have the freedom to tailor it to your market size.


Long Contracts

No need to feel constricted by long contracts.  We prefer to give you room to breathe.

Mandatory Timed Breaks

Enjoy the flexibility of spot breaks of any length or none at all!

Mentions in Voice Tracks

Your content is YOUR content.

All Network Commercials

Variety is the spice of life!  So why should your listeners hear the same cookie-cutter spots over and over again?

Stale/Choppy Network Sound

Crunchy might work for peanut butter, but we prefer our sound to be smooth, silky, and seamless.


The Team


AirVoyent is comprised of  extremely talented and experienced individuals.
Our programmers and engineers have over 90 years of real radio experience combined.



  • Aerospace Engineer
  • On-air mornings/afternoons: Los Angeles, Dallas.
  • Imaging Director, Program Director, Director of Programming.
  • Format creator.
  • 15 years in network radio management / on-air.

Real World Tried and Tested

  • 8 Station Group Owners for over 20 years
  • Hands-on, real-world tested before delivery to your stations
  • Understands the business of local radio and your daily challenges


  • SBE Certified Broadcast Engineer
  • Created first PC-based Broadcast Automation System
  • Patent -- Broadcast Network/Local Origination and Distribution
  • Software and systems developer for BBC/RNZ/RAI/ABC/WRN/NPR/MPR
  • 45 years in local, network, commercial and public radio

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