What’s aN AirPortal?

Unlike most networks, we created AirVoyent from YOUR perspective.  We wanted to take away everything you (and your listeners) hated about other networks, and instead give you more of what YOU want and need.  So we started by moving the Network to your station.  A Network in a box.  AirPortal.

Your new AirPortal contains all of the music, all of the imaging – even your local IDs.  It is a full-blown automation system, with schedules, overlapping audio, as-played logs, triggers, relays – but it looks and acts more like a really, really smart satellite receiver.  Except it isn’t.  It just uses the Internet.  But how can it do that and still be reliable?

The Network’s in the Box.  So it doesn’t matter if the Internet’s down – your music, and everything else, is already in AirPortal.  Better still, it’s all on an SSD – a Solid State Drive – a hard drive with no moving parts, like a very large flash drive.  We’ve even included a UPS – a battery backup – that will keep your system going through power glitches and outages.  Did we mention that all your stuff is also backed up on OUR sites, so if your system goes down we have you covered.  It’s all about reliability.

It’s also about Flexibility.  Since YOU’RE the Network, you can take spot breaks when YOU want them, for however long or short you want them to be.  Think of AirPortal (AP) as a servant to your existing automation system.  AP tells your system to play spots through a single contact closure (“Ping”).  Your automation plays zero, 1, 2, or as many commercials as you wish.  When your automation has finished playing spots, it sends a closure back to AP (“Pong”), and the “Network” picks up right where it should be.  No clunky mis-joins, fade-ins, train wrecks or other common old-school network hassles.  It just starts – always a clean rejoin.

You're streaming your station?  We have you covered with RBDS and PAD metadata out of the Box.






This is Preliminary configuration information and is subject to change.  Created 4/30/2016.