The Comparison

What sets AirVoyent apart from OTHER networkS?

Your Curent NetworkAirVoyent
Mandatory Timed breaksSpot Breaks of any length
Fillers, PSAs, precise spot timingAny length spots, any number, any timing
Manual dubbing of all imagingImaging delivered and played automatically
Drudgery every time imaging is updated Fresh Imaging delivered effortlessly
No localization Localization (optional)
Stale, repetitive, choppy “network” sound Smooth, seamless flow
Compressed and transcoded audio - harsh, poor quality Pristine audio quality
Sun Outages Nope
One size fits all Nope
Long contractsNope
Top downBottom Up
Rigid, inflexibilityNope - FREEDOM!
Lost revenue and spot time for Network SpotsNope
Repetitive, generic net spotsNope
Snobby NetworkNope - We work for YOU!
Any form of limited localization is optional and costlyNope - À la carte with what you need
Requires complex automation system programmingNope - One trigger
"Format Clocks"Un-format ROCKS!
Nonresponsive to your needsWe are!
Too many forced commercials chases away your listenersNope
"Mentions" in voice tracksNever!